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Evidyon Storyline

This is Evidyon’s original story-line, written by Joe.  It took me a while to dig up for the forums, so I figured I would post it here as well to prevent it from being lost again. In the beginning, all was Chaos. From the Chaos, necessarily without purpose cause or order, arose four entities: Xendra, [...]

12,000 Posts: The Community History of Evidyon

I re-activated the Unseen Studios community forums which we used during the development of Evidyon from the days of “Project Volucris” (2006) all the way up to the end of 2009. They’re all locked, as the new home of the game is EviTales, but if you want to look at who was around for the [...]

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Coffee, It’s how Code Gets Done

Coffee.  It gives you energy, antioxidants, and is delicious in all its forms. It’s time to toss out the record of my Evidyon-creating coffee conquest but I wanted to give my collection a small place in the game’s development history.  Thanks, magic beans!  I couldn’t have done it without you!  (Except Archer Farms Breakfast Blend.  [...]

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Developing Games based on Evidyon

Over the last few weeks, I have received many questions about what a developer creating their own game based on Evidyon can do. Instead of copy/pasting my answers, I hope to address many of the things that have come up here in this one post simply and directly. First, I would like to say that [...]

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Problems recompiling Evidyon? Read about this editor bug!

I talked with Eric this afternoon about his issues with his changes not showing up in the server after he recompiled the game. After looking over the code, I realized that when you hit “compile” I changed it so that the process of compiling and writing out the files occurs in a separate process–this means [...]

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How to Increase the Overall Drop Rate

To increase the drop rate for a given class of items (common/uncommon/rare) for all monsters using the editor, just double-click the “Treasure” line, right-click one of the % chances, hit “edit” and set a new value. If you want to get an idea of what a given monster is dropping, go into the “Lifeform AI” [...]

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