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confirm() it!

assert() is commonly used to check assumptions made by the programmer, and will generate a run-time error when the condition passed as a parameter fails. The confirm() macro works like a better version of assert() with a slightly different release-mode behavior.

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Admin Console & Running an Internet Server

mcmcgoo asked: Great game. I wanted to ask you if there was any way to create a custom character, level etc in the client admin version with the server running on my computer, or any tips or commands you have for it.  Also, is there a way to easily configure this version so I can [...]

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Resource Pre-processing

Describing every component of Evidyon’s design is going to take a while, so I’m starting a series where I’ll highlight major patterns that were the most useful during development.

This first post discusses why it’s important to pre-process the resources that go into your project.

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Distributing Visual Studio Applications

One of the early frustrations I ran into with Evidyon was the dreaded “Application configuration incorrect” error that occurred when the game was run on some peoples’ computers. From what I remember finding in a search for a solution, this is caused when a program built with Visual Studio is distributed on another computer without [...]

What is Direct Craft?

DirectCraft is a library that generates object serialization code and stores it in a way that can be easily saved/loaded and converted. “dcx” is the DirectCraft Extensions library.

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A guide to Evidyon coding terminology

I came up with terms to describe distinctions between various components in Evidyon (usually layers of content) so that they could be succinctly well-defined. This is a reference to these terms.

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What to Install Before you Can Compile Evidyon

Before you can compile Evidyon from source, you’ll need the following things: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.  A free copy of the Express Edition should work, but I haven’t tested it.  Do this before any other step. Microsoft DirectX SDK.  You need at least version 9.0c.  I used the August 2009 update. Microsoft Platform SDK.  For [...]

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