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12,000 Posts: The Community History of Evidyon

I re-activated the Unseen Studios community forums which we used during the development of Evidyon from the days of “Project Volucris” (2006) all the way up to the end of 2009. They’re all locked, as the new home of the game is EviTales, but if you want to look at who was around for the [...]

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Three teenagers had a dream. We wanted to make a fantasy MMORPG like Everquest. Working throughout high school gave us a feel for just how hard it was to do something like this, but just as I was about to start my first semester at Cornell University (2006) I went ahead and started up Project Volucris. After lots of hard work and many versions, Evidyon was born in July of 2008 and we decided it was time to commit, complete, to finishing the project. Thanks to a long summer in development, Evidyon was successfully completed in 2009; however, nothing lasts forever and the time comes when even a successful project must be declared “finished.” For us, that time is now.

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